Financial Advice for Women Seeking Divorce

Finance Advice for Women Seeking Divorce

No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced, but in reality, divorce does happen often. Going through a divorce is difficult and preparing yourself for future arrangements can be stressful and tough. There are two factors during this process that you need to consider: it’s important to be both emotionally and financially prepared. If you’re a woman who’s seeking a divorce, it’s imperative that you understand the financial implications that will come into play. Looking for a divorce lawyer in Huntington? Simonetti & Associates has years of experience with divorce and can provide you further details on how to prepare yourself financially.

Unfortunately, money issues can occur during the divorce process, however, there are some steps you can consider to prevent unnecessary aggravation. To get an understanding, here are some things you may need to do based on your financial situation:

  • Separate your bank accounts immediately
  • Cancel any joint accounts and credit cards
  • Start keeping a spending journal
  • Get the right support
  • Build your credit
  • Keeping a running list of legal questions
  • Get your hands on a competent family law attorney
  • Look for a money coach, account etc. to help you develop a financial plan
  • Update any wills, trusts, medical directives, etc.

Keep in mind that it is essential to handle your financial decisions appropriately especially if you have children or a child. Keeping track of child support is very important. Although going through a divorce can be extremely difficult, it’s important to make sure you are handling everything as you should especially when it comes to handling money. Some things you shouldn’t do regarding financial decisions are:

  • Don’t sign off anything until you have a family law attorney look at it
  • Don’t go through it alone
  • Don’t try to handle the legal work by yourself
  • Don’t try to handle the financials by yourself

Don’t go through your divorce alone. If you need a divorce lawyer in Huntington, Simonetti & Associates is just a call away and can help educate and prepare you on further steps of the divorce process. We want to help guide you through the divorce process so that you always feel secure. Give us a call today to find out more information and details!