Grey Divorce

What is a Grey Divorce?

A grey divorce is a divorce that involves two older people who have been married for 20 years or more. Nearly 1 in 4 people who are experiencing divorce are over 50 years old. Splitting up later in life is on the upswing for people aged 50+ and like any other divorce, there are many reasons as to why this occurs. If you are going through a grey divorce, stop by Simonetti & Associates on Long Island, where our main focus is to answer all of our client’s questions and help our clients with a smooth, legal process.

Reasons Why Couples Divorce After Decades of Marriage

  1. Wear and Tear

The process that leads to Grey Divorce is not usually a sudden event or trigger, it often happens slowly over time. The couple simply grows apart from one another.

  1. Age

A big age difference that was not an issue early on in the relationship may become a problem later in life. On the other hand, people may hit middle-age and desire a reboot.

  1. Boredom.

Being around the same person all day, every day, can, in fact, lead to boredom. People also stop trying, allowing themselves to become complacent.

  1. Money.

Differences in spending habits and financial difficulties over many years may finally cause a break-up.

  1. Sex

Sexual Incompatibility can become more pronounced as years pass. Hormonal changes that occur with age can cause significant changes in sex drive.

  1. Active vs. Passive Lifestyles.

When one person wants an active retirement while the other wants to be at home all day this can cause a big problem.

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