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How to parent together post-divorce – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Navigating divorce can be very difficult, especially when there are children involved. Studies have shown that successful co-parenting can provide an immense amount of benefits for those involved. Some of those benefits include increased emotional and relational stability, improved problem-solving skills, and greater self-esteem among kids. For more advice on how to be a better co-parent, contact us here for a divorce lawyer in Huntington.


Why is it better to co-parent?

Divorce is often extremely emotionally taxing for the children involved. Co-parenting facilitates a much smoother transition for everyone. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Better cooperation between both parents sets a good example for the kids.
  • Both parents are on the same page.
    • This not only shows the kids that communication is essential but keeping consistency can make this enormous transition for them much easier as there is less to adjust to.
  • The kids feel more secure knowing that they are still loved even during this tumultuous process.

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Tips for successful co-parenting:

  • Maintain open lines of communication with your co-parent.
    • Cell phone numbers, email addresses, and new home addresses are important things to share with the other parent to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Keep everything business as usual.
    • Keeping rules generally the same in both households can help things between you and your ex to run smoother. This can help to eliminate another source for disagreement among the two of you and to maintain consistency in your child’s life.
  • Make sure conversations are private and respectful.
    • If you and your ex-spouse have a disagreement, keep it private and behind closed doors. Do not argue in front of the kids and remember to use a respectful tone when communicating.

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