Issues with Alimony


Alimony, or spousal maintenance, is a legal obligation by one spouse to financially support the other spouse after a divorce. While the payment amounts differ due to circumstances like income and the duration of the marriage, alimony is a serious obligation. You should seek counsel with a Nassau divorce lawyer in this area during a divorce. 

Issues With Alimony

The court will determine the type of alimony in your case. Here are the types of alimony available in New York:

  • Temporary – This alimony is paid to a spouse during the divorce. This ensures that the dependent spouse can maintain their lifestyle during the process. 
  • Rehabilitative – The court may grant this type of support to allow the recipient to improve their employment standing or further their education to become self-sufficient. This support can also help a custodial stay-at-home parent of small children stay with them until they reach school age. 
  • Permanent – This support will continue until the death of the paying spouse, the death of the recipient, or if the recipient remarries. 

Spousal support laws require the spouse with the highest income to pay support, regardless of gender. However, according to 2010 Census data, 3% of the 400,000 alimony recipients were male. There is an imbalance in alimony payments but as women’s earnings continue to increase, the support awards from women to men will also rise. In the past, you could only get divorced because of marital misconduct. No-fault divorce laws changed the alimony system by implementing an entitlement system. The most divisive topic regarding alimony is the concept of lifetime alimony, which can unfairly impact divorced spouses. A Nassau divorce lawyer can help you and your spouse come to a workable divorce agreement where both of you can return to your separate lives with a sense of security. 

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