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Protecting Your Privacy During A Divorce – Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead

Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead

There’s little doubt that divorce can be a messy situation, with both people involved bringing their private info into the light. Particularly in this day and age, technology has made protecting our personal info even more problematic. Most of us today can access information almost instantaneously. In one moment, we could be posting on to Instagram a photo with our loved one. But in another moment, we could be removing that picture entirely. This connection through technology has made protecting our personal info that much more of an arduous task. If you’re nervous about your privacy and protection during a divorce, reach out to the best divorce lawyer in South Hempstead: Simonetti & Associates.

After consulting with your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead, the next step in the process would be to review what personal info you can confirm was shared with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Examples of this can include the following:

  • Telephone Bills.
  • Passwords such as:
    • Social Media.
    • Voice Mail.
    • Streaming Services.
  • Mail – Remember, once you figure out your next living situation, immediately have your personal mail and bills forwarded to your new address.  
  • Bank accounts.   

Setting up a new bank account is an essential step in the process of privacy protection. Every situation could be different, but if you’re planning on starting over financially (free from your former spouse), safeguarding your financial assets is imperative. Equally important, be fully aware of your situation on social media. Refrain from posting any sort of nefarious content about your ex-spouse. Simply put, it’s just not worth the hassle. For legal questions regarding social media, inquire with your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead.

Naturally, those on the outside will be peculiarly interested in your situation. Discussing drama is, unfortunately, an undeniable trait of most humans. Ignoring the eavesdropper may not be the best option. Instead, attempt to play them off with generic questions and answers such as the following:

Questioner: “How’s the divorce?”

You: “It has been tough, but I’m getting through it. Thanks for asking”

Questioner: “How are things with you?”

You: “Things are well, work is work.”  

It may sound simple, but conversations like this may assist you in the long run. Certainly, there will be individuals curious about what’s going on from your circumstance. Undergoing a divorce is both tough and complicated. Remember: always keep your personal information private and steer clear of those who are only there to pry. For other helpful tips and information, contact your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead for a free consultation.