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4 Reasons Why You Should Discuss Divorce When Times Are Good – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Before you first discuss divorce with your spouse it is important to make sure you carefully consider where and when you are going to bring things up. The best decision is to bring the topic up when things are going well. Four consecutive years in a row, Simonetti & Associates was voted best divorce lawyers on Long Island. Below you can find our reasoning on the four reasons why you should discuss divorce when times are good:


  • Allows for easier communication

When things are going well for you and your spouse, there is less to worry about and your mind is in a better space.  When things are going well you are more likely to be calm and have a productive conversation that can be beneficial for each of your futures.


Money plays a big part when it comes to divorce. It is important when getting a divorce that you consider everything like having minimal debt on credit cards to savings. You will want to discuss with your partner how assets and liabilities should be divided as this can get arduous when a marriage is dissolving.


  • Thinking more clearly

The best divorce lawyers on Long Island recommend that you bring up divorce while times are good. This sets you up for success if divorce does indeed arise by having a rational conversation.


You will want to have a clear mind when discussing plans for your children. From joint custody agreements to paying for college, having a plan and mutual understanding of what is best for your children will set you up for success

Simonetti & Associates was voted the best divorce lawyers on Long Island. If you are seeing divorce as a reality for you and your spouse, a free consultation can be beneficial towards getting the information you need! Click here to contact us!