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Is there a link between genetics and divorce?


Did you grow up with divorced parents and now find yourself in the same boat? Have you ever thought that there may be a gene that correlates to your likelihood of getting divorced? Well, a new study found this year, states that this may be the case. Researchers studied over 20,000 adopted children and both their biological parents and adoptive parents.


In their study, the researchers had found that the adopted children were more likely to resemble their biological parent’s histories of divorce compared to their adoptive parents.


By looking at adopted children, researchers were able to distinctly separate both the genetic and the environmental factors. They were also able to find that the study contradicts the common belief of nature vs. nurture. Our divorce lawyers in Huntington thought it was extremely interesting how the study specifically proved the idea that divorce is more likely because children watch and learn from their parents as they grow up and mimic what they saw once they are older as false. People are more likely to divorce because of the genetic makeup in their bodies.


In the end, researchers had found that these children were 20% more likely to divorce if their biological parents had gotten a divorced. Rather than if those parents had stayed together, they were no more and no less, likely to do so if their adoptive parents had split up.


Although this study had taken place in Sweden we cannot say for sure it goes the same for Americans. So if you find yourself with marital issues and may be going through a divorce, don’t go blaming your parents for your genetic makeup. Come to our divorce lawyer in Huntington and let us guide you in the right direction.


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