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Reasons to Choose Annulment Over Divorce – Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

Are you currently unhappy in your marriage? Have you thought about the different options with your partner? Some have difficulty deciding whether to have an annulment or a divorce,  some do not know the difference and which will be the best option for your life and family. Our divorce lawyer in Massapequa with Simonetti & Associates can help you make that difficult decision.

What is an annulment?

Annulment is a cancellation of marriage. Legally, it declares that the marriage never existed, therefore means it was never valid. There are many different reason as to why a person would prefer an annulment versus a divorce. This includes, not being associated with the stigma that is attached to a divorce, and some do it for religious reasons. The couple initiating the annulment must bring their grounds to court to see if they are eligible to have their marriage nulled. If you are thinking about an annulment contact our divorce lawyer in Massapequa so they can give you more information and the necessary next steps.

What is a divorce?

A divorce is the ending of a valid marriage between a couple which returns both of the parties to their single status with the ability to remarry. However, divorce is much more complicated than it looks. Divorce only dissolute the marriage, legally meaning it is still considered valid even though the marriage has ended. Factors like finances, properties, and custody all come along with the process of divorce.

Common Grounds for an Annulment include:

    • Bigamy – Either party was married at the time of new marriage.
    • Forced Consent – Either party was threatened or forced into marriage.
    • Fraud – One person lied to the other person so they would consent to marriage.
    • Underage – If either of the parties were under the age of 18.
    • Mental illness– Either spouse was mentally ill during the time of marriage.

Advantages of an annulment:

  1. No division of property– Properties and debts will be returned to the original owner.
  2. Equal sharing on marital debt– Any debts gathered during the course of the marriage, are split evenly.
  3. Invalidate a prenup– Can release you from the terms of prenuptial agreement.
  4. Remarry Both parties are legally allowed to remarry.
  5. Not a legal marriage– Never legally married. The marriage never existed.

If you are considering annulment as an option and believe it is the best for you and your spouse, please contact our divorce lawyer in Massapequa. An experienced divorce lawyer can help provide advice on whether you qualify for an annulment. Simonetti & Associates have experience in various types of marriage termination proceedings, including divorce, dissolution, annulment, and same-sex divorce. Contact our 2018 voted best in Long Island divorce lawyer in Massapequa for a free consultation.