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What happens if I remarry before my divorce is final? – Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

Many people strive to find love again after divorcing and for most people they are successful at finding love again. For some people, it could take years to find love again, but there are some people lucky enough to find love very quickly after deciding to divorce. But since finalizing a divorce can take months, if not longer, some people might not want to wait for the divorce to be final before getting remarried. But sadly trying to get married before the divorce is final can cause many issues. Learn more from our divorce lawyer in Massapequa here:

The complications of remarriage during the divorce process has on the divorce.

Unfortunately, you can not remarry before your divorce is final. If you do so this new marriage is considered void. This is often referred to as bigamy. You need to acquire a correct and complete divorce before you can proceed with a second marriage. If you decided to remarry while going through the divorce process many issues may arise with your divorce and new marriage. However, the legal implications of a marriage are different from one another yet as sharing married property, holding title to assets as tenants by the entirety; having an automatic share in your spouse’s estate if he sadly dies, etc. This is why New York State takes this matter into consideration with several laws that protect against bigamy. If you have more questions about complications that arise when remarrying during a divorce contact Simonetti & Associates to speak with a divorce lawyer in Massapequa.

Reasons to wait

  • Criminal Prosecution– Entering the second marriage while still married is considered illegal. In New York State this is considered a class E felony and you can spend 3-4 years in prison.
  • Marriage is Void– Any new marriages while getting divorced are not legally binding because you are still considered married to your ex.

How our divorce law services can help

When it involves divorce, ensuring you’re properly ready prior time will help to create things run a smoothly. One of the first steps to this is finding a qualified lawyer who is willing to help you throughout your whole divorce process. Simonetti & Associates is a divorce lawyer in Massapequa who is willing and ready to help you with any needs you may have throughout your divorce.