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Divorce happens even in areas where we were assured that it was too low a risk to consider, with that said anyone should benefit from knowing where to go to if a marriage turns sour.  New York is among the states with the lowest rate of divorce, but the 9% of the New York population according to the US census identifies as being in a divorced relationship. We have all seen the ostentatious headlines reading along the lines of ‘divorce rates at 50%’ interspersed with pessimistic social commentary which merely rehashed statistics from the 1980s and 1970s when the contemporary figures were closer to a 10% average.

The rate of divorce has been dropping steadily, but divorce still happens. We may be in a position to say that divorce probably will not happen this does not keep us from the fact that divorce settlements are notoriously difficult to reach. If you simply cannot come to terms with your partner then the same difficulties you had in marriage extend to getting them to agree on a settlement. Having unbiased mediation and concise representation help you to reach a settlement quickly and equitably.

Having the right to representation does not always ensure the quality of representation, make sure you know the quality of your attorney before hiring. Simonetti and Associates have been at the forefront of Long Island divorce representation and have been voted the best legal firm on Long Island for three consecutive years. Simonetti and Associates offer divorce mediation as well as legal representation if you prefer to settle outside of court and they give free legal consultation.

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