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Same-Sex Adoption Rulings In The United States

From 2016 and on, same-sex adoption became legal in all 50 states. Despite the fact that equality in the adoption system is mandated, some states make it more difficult than others. If you are thinking about going through the process of same-sex adoption, speak with an attorney first. If you are looking to adopt in New York State, contact Simonetti & Associates, a Massapequa family divorce lawyer. Our attorneys have a specialization in all areas of adoption including same-sex adoption. By staying well-versed on current regulations and laws, we can help you successfully adopt. Contact us today for a consultation!

How does the process start for same-sex parent adoption?

First, you will need to complete some paperwork in order to get the adoption process going. When you are finished with your paperwork, they will have to be delivered to your district court where the adoption agency is located. If you do not use an adoption agency, you will have to go through a background check, and also pay a filing fee.

What occurs after the paperwork has gone through the court?

There will be a hearing regarding the adoption, and the court will let you know which day you must come in. You will also have to sign The Final Decree of Second Parent Adoption. The court will certify this, and you will then fill out other paperwork, and pay a fee for the new certificate. If you and your partner are looking to go through the adoption process, but do not know what to do,   contact Simonetti & Associates a Massapequa family divorce lawyer. Simonetti & Associates has a specialization in dealing with the adoption process and will walk you through the necessary steps of adopting. Contact us today for a consultation!


Same-sex laws for adoption

  • Same-sex couples in every state can petition for joint adoption.
  • Couples could be required to be in a strong relationship such as a domestic partnership, civil union, and a marriage.
  • States that allow same-sex couples to petition for a second adoption include Colorado, Connecticut, California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, New York, and more


New York State Adoption Laws

  • New York State allows single LGBT people to petition to adopt.
  • New York State allows couples of the same sex to petition to adopt.


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