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Overcoming Post Divorce Resentment – Divorce lawyer in Commack

Full of laughter, love, friends/family, and dancing-your wedding day is often regarded as the best day of your life. The first step in a lifelong journey filled with elation, hope, and dreams of a better tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the fairy tale can be a mirage. With a staggering 40-50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, those initial feelings of unparalleled hope can often crash into deep bridled anger and frustration.

And at Simonetti & Associates, the best divorce lawyer on Long Island- we’ve seen the effects divorces can have on an individual-both positive and negative. One of the most challenging times in a person’s life, it’s important not to let your anger consume you and shape the way you live your life.

Here are 5 tips on coping with post-divorce resentment.


Ways to Deal with Anger


  • Talking Helps:  Remember how you felt the last time you unloaded your frustrations or problems on a friend? Probably a little better right?  Confiding with friends and family you trust is a great way to remove the burden of taking the situation on by yourself. Seeking out a therapist who specializes in post-divorce therapy is another option as well.
  • Divorce Support Groups: If you feel uncomfortable talking to a therapist- a divorce support group is another great option. Designed to help the healing process and provide direction, a support group allows you to express your feelings without feeling judged.
  • Direct Your Anger Positively: Letting anger consume you can only have adverse effects on yourself. So instead of letting the anger build inside-direct that anger in a positive fashion. A great option? A new hobby. Pick up a pair of boxing gloves and take a heart-pounding boxing class, outline your frustrations in a diary, or lace up your shoes and start preparing for a marathon. By channeling your anger in a positive manner you take control of your feelings.
  • Understand your Anger: Take a minute and think of the main causes of what really is making you mad. By taking a step back and try understanding what triggers your anger, you will have an idea of formulating a plan to conquering it.
  • Try to Move On: It might be extremely difficult but wallowing in anger due to your divorce will only do you a disservice. While some experts proclaim it takes some people around “two years” to get over a divorce, it’s important to forgive yourself and move on. Map out new goals and come up with a timeline on when you want to achieve them. A happy, post-divorce fulfilled life is just around the corner!

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