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Co-Parenting After a Divorce

If you just got divorced you are probably wondering how is this going to affect the kids: Are they going to be upset that you and their mother or father aren’t living together anymore? Are they going to be angry with you? You obviously don’t want this taking a toll on your children; so what can you do to make sure it doesn’t hurt your children? Here at Simonetti & Associates, we have the best divorce lawyer on Long Island, Lou Simonetti and his team will make the process easier for you and your children.

Lou Simonetti, one of the best divorce lawyers on Long Island can work with you through numerous child custody options that will make the experience less traumatizing to the children. One option we see success with is joint-custody, though it is harder to obtain a joint-custody order in NY. Having joint custody helps with the process of co-parenting as well and makes the divorce process less traumatic for your children as they will have regular interactions with both parents. Now, you may ask yourself, what are the benefits of co-parenting? 

  • The children feel more secure when they see that both parents still love them, it helps the children adjust to the new lifestyle of not having their parents living together.
  • Have a healthy example to followwhen the children see you and your ex-are still working together you are setting an example for your children that way they can have strong, long-lasting relationships themselves.
  • When talking about your ex talk about them with respect yes, you are angry with your ex for things that went down during the divorce, but there is no need to talk negatively about them, especially in front of the children.  There is nothing more emotionally and mentally damaging to a child then witnessing their mother and father talk negatively about each other.When talking about their mother or father always make sure it is a positive tone, no matter what your feelings are for that person. You should lead with a positive example.
  • Befriend the new love in their life instead of holding hostility towards the new person in your ex’s life, learn to accept them into your life as well because they will play a role in raising your children as well. When you get along with your ex’s new partner it shows your children you have respect for them. It also allows you to build a relationship with that person and for you to express your feelings about what is the best way to raise your children together as a family.

Getting a divorce is never easy especially when it involves your children but when you have the best divorce lawyer on Long Island helping you, the process is easier for you and your children.