How to Navigate an Uncontested Divorce – Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

When both parties of the couple agree on filing for a divorce, getting an uncontested divorce can save the couple both time and money. To file for an uncontested divorce, there are no disagreements between the parties regarding any financial, child custody and support, or any divorce related matter. Our divorce attorney in Huntington, NY wants to inform you of the process behind an uncontested divorce. This option is fast, affordable, and convenient for couples.

How to Navigate through this Process

        When coming to terms that you are terminating your marriage, it is important to know what options and steps you can take in the process. To go through an uncontested divorce, the couple must agree that:

  •      Both parties who are seeking to file for a divorce are over 18 years of age.
  •      The couple has no children, under the age of 21 years of age.
  •      The relationship has been ended for at least 6 months and cannot be mended.
  •      All marital issues have been settled beforehand.  

Our divorce attorney in Huntington, NY suggests that every couple who is terminating their marriage, try to work out mutual agreements for the separation without having to go to court. It may be difficult at times to come to an agreement between the couple but consider mediation. If there are only a few issues standing between the two parties, do not give up. Consider the help of a divorce mediator to help resolve any issues between the couple and help come to a consensus.

With an uncontested divorce, you may even be able to represent yourself without an attorney. It may be more difficult; however, you will be saving some costs.  With this being said, make sure you have the time and patience to research your state’s law or gather the documentation. Although the option of completing an uncontested divorce will save your money, a good divorce lawyer can help the process run smoothly without any frustration or stress in the long run. Call our divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY for a free consultation!