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How to Make Your Second Divorce Go Smoother Than Your First – Divorce lawyer in Commack

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Around 67% of second marriages end in divorce, so you are not alone in this. Going through the divorce process can be challenging, especially going through it a second time. Having the best divorce lawyer on Long Island can make things go much easier the second time around. Simonetti & Associates, located in Woodbury Long Island, has been voted best divorce lawyer on Long Island in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. Having already gone through divorce once, you know how important it is to have not only a great lawyer but one that understands your needs and will be able and willing to work with you. Making your second divorce go smoother than your first may not be as hard as it seems, here are some tips to help you make this challenge a reality.


  • Think of what you may have handled things differently in your first divorce: Having already gone through a divorce already once before, you know how things are done. Based on this knowledge you may want to think about your first divorce experience and how you wish you handled things differently, had you had the knowledge and experience you now have. It will help you avoid problems and issues during this divorce because you know how to handle different situations that may arise.
  • Come into the process with an understanding of finances with your partner: Talk to your partner before entering the divorce process about your shared finances and make an attempt to come to an agreement on how it will be handled. Often times finances are one of the most difficult topics to resolve during a divorce process. Coming to some sort of an agreement can make this issue be resolved easier.
  • Use your prior experience to help you make decisions in this divorce: Use your prior information on the divorce process and the legal process to your advantage. It can help you make better more well-informed decisions, based on your previous experience. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes you may have made in your first divorce process. Think about strategies that worked and try to use them for this divorce. Being more prepared than you were the first time will only benefit you and help the process go smoother.
  • Choose a lawyer that has a good reputation and meets your needs: Having a good reputable lawyer is very important in your divorce. Having someone who will represent you to the best of their abilities and will act with your best interest in mind is key if you want your individual assets to be protected. Making sure that the lawyer you choose understands the needs and goals you have in mind is also important. You will want a lawyer that is on the same page as you going into your divorce.

Divorce is a challenging time in a person’s life, especially going through it a second time. Choosing Simonetti & Associates, voted the best divorce lawyer on Long Island, will help guide you through this difficult process with care, respect, and professionalism. Having a lawyer you know and trust along with your familiarity with the process will help your second divorce go much smoother than your first.