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Getting a Postnuptial Agreement in NY


The thought of talking to your recently married spouse about a postnuptial agreement can certainly be terrifying. So with this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to be consulted by the best divorce lawyer on Long Island? At Simonetti & Associates, we will ensure ease of mind by answering any questions you may have about signing a possible postnuptial agreement with your spouse.

The postnuptial agreement itself can be helpful to both parties, should a divorce prove to be unavoidable, in that it can ensure that the assets are distributed accordingly and fairly between the two parties. This agreement serves as a mutual understanding between both spouses over the fair ownership of assets, (personal or marital in nature), the ability to waive the rights of each spouse should one of the individuals become deceased during the marriage, to allocate support or relief for the other spouse, and to serve as a document to aid in a possible separation or divorce in the future. With over thirty years of experience in the field, our representatives with the best divorce lawyer on Long Island at Simonetti & Associates offer free consultation services over such trying aspects.

However, in some cases, individuals are advised to avoid a postnuptial arrangement with their spouse. For example, if there is a significant difference in income between the two parties, or if one or both parties do not have a significant amount of time to draft up terms and understand the guidelines drafted, could lead to an unfair settlement for one of the parties involved.

When proceeding with a postnuptial agreement, it is important to note that, in order for the document to be considered legitimate, it must follow certain criteria:

  • Must be written, willingly signed, and notarized, (oral arrangements are not considered under NYS law).
  • Each party must be transparent about their assets and intentions.
  • The arrangement must prove to be satisfactory for both parties.
  • Must be approved by the state of residence of the parties involved.

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