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Stereotypical Fights That Leads to a Divorce – Divorce lawyer in Franklin Square

How can deep-seeded issues lead to divorce?

Conflict in marriage is a major reason for divorce; especially if the conflict is deep-seeded. We all have our issues, maybe some more than others, however, it is important to recognize conflict patterns in order to improve communication. Also for some,  keeping thoughts to themselves can lead to a bottleneck of anger. This can be catastrophic because one person can only hold their thoughts in for so long until someone snaps. If you are going through a conflict pattern with your partner, and it has led you to think about divorce, contact Simonetti & Associates, the best divorce lawyer in Massapequa. Simonetti & Associates specializes in all divorce matters. Contact us today for a consultation!


Here are common conflict scenarios that can lead to divorce:


Saver vs Spender-

Being in a relationship where one saves their money, and the other one spends their money can have a major effect on that relationship. Savers are more conservative when it comes to managing their money as opposed to spenders. Savers will plan ahead of time and will put their money aside before making an important purchase. Having this thought process to save money is reassuring to them just in case of an emergency.

The spender on the other hand always finds a way to buy the things they want without thinking much into the future. Whether it’s a coping mechanism or a simple zest for life, spenders don’t want to be bogged down by budget plans. Because of this conflict, people of these personalities can fight a lot. Especially noting the fact that financial crisis is the #1 cause of divorce.  


The tough parent vs the fun parent-

A relationship with a tough parent and a fun parent can cause conflict in child rearing. The tough parent wants to make sure the children are disciplined. They are strict and have rules for their children to follow. The fun parent is usually the parent that lets their child get away with everything. This leaves the tough parent feeling unsupported and unloved as the child naturally will gravitate towards the easier parent.


Liberal vs. Conservative-

Politics can also cause many fundamental disagreements from both partners. If couples don’t have an effective means of communicating their political beliefs or lack of understanding of other thought processes, divorce can be in their future.  If you are thinking about getting a divorce because of political disagreements or any of the reasons listed above, contact Simonetti & Associates the best divorce lawyer in Massapequa for a consultation.


Why Simonetti & Associates?

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