Hicksville divorce lawyer

The Benefits Of Reaching Out To A Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

Married couples who are looking for a divorce lawyer will need someone to decide what legally belongs to each person after they separate. The divorce lawyer is responsible for making sure that nothing is withheld from each person that was available to them while they were joined in marriage that legally belongs to them. Simonetti & Associates is a Long Island law firm that handles these kinds of cases. Simonetti & Associates is located at 144 Rd Woodbury, New York 11791. Simonetti & Associates promises a speedy resolution to your marital dispute. Your divorce will be managed with a professional Hicksville divorce lawyer that touts its success. For couples who are considering a divorce, you can get a free consultation at 877-385-2560.

The Benefits Of A Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer will help you resolve marital issues that you cannot settle alone with your spouse. The main issue with divorce is you are losing the support of your partner. The divorce lawyer is there to help you make agreements with your spouse. These agreements are legally binding and can be enforced by the law if they are not upheld. The right divorce lawyer is Simonetti & Associates. Simonetti & Associates are familiar with the law and can settle disputes without a trial. Having a divorce lawyer will ease the trouble associated with a divorce. When couples get a divorce this affects their family and their friends. A Hicksville divorce lawyer will ease conflicts by setting guidelines for the couples to follow with their disputes. One of the problems with a divorce that happens when the couple has children is how are they going to recover from this damaging event. Children are affected by divorce and over time they will recover.

Recovery From Divorce

Recovering from a divorce will take both parents, common problems with divorce are over custody of children and parent refuses to allow the other spouse to see the child.

Simonetti & Associates is a Hicksville divorce lawyer that will focus its expertise of the Nassau County court system to walk you through how a divorce is filed and will work with the couple to settle any marital disputes.

Five Stages That Affect A Child After Divorce

  1. Denial/Shock
  2. Anger
  3. Grief/Depression
  4. Bargaining
  5. Acceptance

Questions Kids Have About Divorce

  1. Who will I live with?
  2. Where will I go to school?
  3. Will I move?
  4. Where will each parent live?
  5. Where will we spend holidays?
  6. Will I still get to see my friends?
  7. Can I still go camping this summer?
  8. Can I still do my favorite activities?

Residency Requirements For Divorce In New York

  • The couple has lived in New York as husband and wife and either party has resided in the state for a continuous period of one year prior to filing
  • The couple was married in New York and at least one spouse has been a resident for a continuous period of one year prior to filing.

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