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Will Going Through a Divorce Affect My Career?

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful endeavors a person can go through in there life. With all the legal, personal, and financial litigation’s that need to be dealt with. the stress that you experience can be a task to handle all on its own. Worrying about if your finances are in jeopardy, figuring out the custody battle and settling on property disputes are just a few things that you will come across with divorce. 

Now, while divorce can be a very derailing experience as far as mental and emotional health and stability it does not have to affect your professional life. There have been many cases where individuals who are going through a divorce have excelled at their jobs. If you are searching for a divorce lawyer in Suffolk County then Simonetti & Associates can help you! We specialize in family law and have been voted as Long Island’s best divorce lawyers! We can help make your divorce as painless and as cost-effective as possible. 

Psychological and Emotional Effects of Divorce 

Here are some of the most commonly experienced feelings when going through a divorce:

  • Guilt
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Identity Crisis 

In most cases of divorce, some form of depression is experienced although it is hard to predict exactly how a divorce is going to impact someone. Studies have shown that a majority of the time feelings of depression and anxiety will go away after a while unless an individual has a history of depression in their life, in which case they experience a depressive episode for a long period after their divorce is settled. Additionally, it has been noted that men typically struggle more with the emotional turmoil of divorce and this is most likely because women usually have a more extensive emotional support network that they use more frequently than men do. 

This emotional distress does not have to affect you in the workplace. While this is a big change in your life it can allow for more opportunity and growth for you as an individual. Taking a different perspective for your divorce especially in a work setting will benefit you greatly. 

Tips for Dealing with Divorce in the Workplace – Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County

  • Take a few days off– There is no doubt in the first few days or even weeks after finding out your partner wants to get a divorce you will need time to process your emotions so it is good to take a few days off from work to try and collect yourself. 
  • Focus on Work- After you have given yourself some time to process a good way to distract yourself is by putting your energy into your work. That is if you can, it’s not easy to put your all into your work if your mind is preoccupied but it’s good to try and distract yourself
  • Talk to your boss– It is good to make your boss or supervisors aware of your situation so they can be understanding if they see a decrease in work productivity or notice you are acting differently 
  • Practice self-care– Make sure you are taking care of yourself see a therapist, talk to friends and family for support and find time to do the things that you enjoy.
  • Taking a different perspective– Try to look at your situation from a different light. See it as an opportunity for you to work on your personal growth. Try to see your situation as: 
    • Some space and time for yourself- if your relationship is coming to an end, chances are things weren’t healthy or benefiting you so see this as a time for you to reconnect with yourself and to spend time doing things you enjoy 
    • Great opportunity for taking risks- Being in a relationship can oftentimes limit the number of risks you can take whether it be personally or financially so see this as an opportunity for you to take bigger risks in your career or your life 
    • Breaking out of old ways- With this change, you can see it as an opportunity to break yourself out of unhealthy patterns and habits that you found yourself in when you were married. This can be a time to reinvent yourself no matter what your age is! 

Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County

Whether you are the one initiating the divorce or finding out your partner wants a divorce it is never a simple or easy process to go through. It is an intense mix of difficult and confusing emotions while also figuring out legal and financial discrepancies. It can be even more difficult when you have children involved. All of this can add up to a very traumatic experience for all parties that are involved. Simonetti & Associates can help you make this difficult time as easy as we can. We have been voted the best divorce lawyers on Long Island so you can trust that we can provide the most professional assistance that a Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County has to offer. We will work diligently on your case to make sure all parties receive what they deserve in the settlement. If you would like to schedule a consulting meeting with our lawyers you can call us at 887-385-2560 or you can contact us online!

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