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Will My Ex’s Unemployment Affect Our Divorce? – Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

When one undergoes a divorce, it can certainly be a very trying period of time in his/her life. Sometimes, outside forces make divorce more difficult and stressful. Knowing the possibilities beforehand, however, can make the process a bit more comfortable and less stressful. Sometimes, in the midst of going through a divorce, a soon-to-be-ex-partner becomes unemployed, often leaving the other partner anxious and stressed. Before undergoing the divorce process, it is imperative to know just how your future ex-partner’s recent unemployment may affect your divorce. A Hicksville divorce lawyer with Simonetti & Associates will be able to answer all of the questions you have.


During the divorce, your spouse may ask for alimony or financial support from you while he/she is unemployed. The spouse will usually require alimony that will aid in maintaining the same standard of living prior to the divorce, and the court will most likely grant this to the spouse.

Child Support

During the divorce process, child support is established based on the individual incomes of each partner. While most unemployment circumstances are temporary, some result in a new employment with a different income. This will result in an alteration in how much child support you receive from your spouse.

Child Custody

While child custody is unaffected by each partner’s income, it is important to keep in mind that factors in regards to employment may be a deal breaker. For example, if one partner receives a new job, following unemployment, that requires him/her to travel often, this will certainly affect the court’s decision in child custody.

Property Division

Since New York is an equitable distribution state, the court may rule to divide the marital estate equally, or unequally, partial to the unemployed partner. Earnings and potential earnings can heavily affect the court’s decision on this matter.

While this may sound a bit overwhelming, at Simonetti & Associates, a Hicksville divorce lawyer is here to help guide you every step of the way. We will not let you go forth with the divorce process until every one of your concerns regarding unemployment and divorce is addressed. Located in close proximity to Hicksville, we are the area’s best divorce lawyers and we assure you that you will undergo the divorce process with as little stress as possible. For more information and for a free consultation, please call us at 877-385-2560. Whether you are from Hicksville or Holbrook, we are the best divorce lawyers for you!