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High Asset Divorce and Importance of Financial Experts

Going through a divorce can be a stressful time in the lives of both spouses.  Especially in the case of a high asset divorce, it can become even more tiresome to anguish over the allocation of each spouse’s assets. There is enough that a person must deal with when going through this difficult ti...
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Hicksville divorce lawyer

Will My Ex’s Unemployment Affect Our Divorce?

When one undergoes a divorce, it can certainly be a very trying period of time in his/her life. Sometimes, outside forces make divorce more difficult and stressful. Knowing the possibilities beforehand, however, can make the process a bit more comfortable and less stressful. Sometimes, in the midst ...
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Will I lose military benefits after divorce? – Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

Types of military benefits one might have Education: Tuition and fees, monthly housing stipends, and a yearly books/supplies stipend are available. Benefits can also be used to pay for independent study programs, required continuing education, licensing, certification, apprenticeships, and on-the-jo...
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How to get a restraining order from my ex in New York state?

While most separating couples want to keep their divorce civil, this may unfortunately not always be the case. During the process of separating, emotions can run high which may cause one of the spouses to act out in an inappropriate manner. This can, in turn, become harassment of the spouse or child...
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