Top Reasons for Divorce – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Humans and relationships are deeply complex and because of this, there are an extensive number of reasons for divorcing. Divorce can be a difficult process and there are simply too many variables contributing to divorce to measure. Simonetti & Associates Law Firm can provide you with a divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY in order to facilitate the process with ease.

Below are the most common battles married couples face which lead to divorce, according to a study ranking the most frequent reasons for divorce:

#1. Lack of Commitment

Lack of commitment was the most frequently rated factor for divorce among participants. What this may look like may vary from relationship to relationship. It could take on the form of unwillingness to complete certain tasks, such as running errands or completing housework, or it could manifest as a resistance to resolving problems. A lack of commitment can lead to a variety of problems which can build up over time and seriously corrode the relationship.

#2. Infidelity

Cheating is a dealbreaker for many people, as it destroys trust; a keystone of relationships. Many of the couples in the study declared infidelity as a pivotal crossroads that made the decision to divorce. Legal action may be beneficial when dealing with infidelity, and Simonetti & Associates can assist you in hiring a divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY.

#3. Arguments

An excess of conflict would be too emotionally taxing for anyone. Failure to resolve conflicts calmly and restore peace can lead to an overall loss of pleasant emotions and positive benefits of being in a relationship in the first place. Why stay in a relationship if the majority of time and energy is spent fighting?

#4. Rushing Into It

Marrying too young is a factor which can have multiple outcomes. Even as young adults, our brains are still developing, which means that we may not make proper judgment until later ages. This means we may not marry for the right reasons or do not consider all of the variables in an objective manner.

#5. Money

Financial difficulties themselves were not expressed as a major reason for divorce by participants in the study, but when accompanied by emotional distress and tensions in couples, it was regarded as an influential factor. Finances can generate a great deal of friction in relationships, which can be alleviated through the assistance of a divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY. The advisement of a legal counselor may help save time, money, and energy by helping to make the process as smooth as possible.

#6. Substance Abuse

This is obviously a serious issue in which the abuser has the potential to affect everyone surrounding them. If no apparent efforts are made to mitigate this problem, it leads to many dysfunctions within the relationship.

There are resources available to people undergoing divorce designed to help them thrive. Legal assistance by a divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY is an option that exists for those who wish to gain an advantage in their post-marital endeavors. These reasons for divorce make evident how significant an obstacle divorce can be. However, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or taxing one, as there are many solutions and facilities available to clients.