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Coping After Divorce – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

The After Effects of Divorce and How We Can Help:

Divorce for many New York families can lead to a future of uncertainty and confusion. It is often the case that after a divorce, the divorcee experience a mountain of financial, psychological, and even physical issues. Here at Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Huntington, we built our firm with the foundation of providing compassionate assistance to our clients traveling from both Nassau & Suffolk County.

How To Prepare For Life After a Divorce:

Proper preparation can help soften the blow of divorce. The best preparation is to have someone in your corner who has dealt with hundreds of cases in family law in your area. So, the first step is to find the right lawyer for you. Since laws vary from state to state it’s important to find the right lawyer to handle your case. Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Huntington? If so, we would strongly recommend our team of experienced divorce lawyers with more than 30 years of family law practice. The next step is to take the necessary actions to improve health and well being. There can be significant psychological implications during and after a divorce but our lawyers will help put your mind at ease.

We’ll Get You The Help You Need:

Adjusting to life after a divorce can be an immense challenge especially after a lengthy marriage. We will assist you in navigating the complexity of your new journey, we will be there with you every step of the way to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our goal is to eliminate the perplexity of the law and allow you to focus on what matters. We have attorneys on standby who can provide you with a free consultation and information about achieving the desired outcome for your case. Our offices are located in Huntington; but whether you’re in Suffolk or Nassau County, if you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Huntington to represent you, we are able to assist you with your case.  We will provide you answers to common questions about:

Why Simonetti & Associates?

  • A Tailored Experience Designed For YouThe attorneys at Simonetti & Associates are completely dedicated to you and your family. We offer a free consultation, with your desired outcome being the focal point of our plan.    
  • CredibilityWe have a team of attorneys that have been serving Suffolk and Nassau County for over 25 years, providing affordable and first-class services to each individual client’s needs. We have assisted clients all throughout Long Island. We have satisfied clients from Massapequa, Woodbury, Huntington, Montauk, and many more cities. Our efforts have been awarded not once, but 5 times! We are the 5x back to back voted winner of the Bethpage Best of LI award.    
  • Affordability – We offer a variety of different packages to facilitate your budget by using tools to only seek information about your case.

Divorces can be excruciatingly difficult and overwhelming, having the right representative could mean the difference between peace of mind and further misery. At Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Huntington, we are committed to our promise of excellence, compassion, and transparency and will assist you around your goals and budget.