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Massapequa divorce lawyer

Challenges of Being a Massapequa Divorce Lawyer

Challenges of Being a Massapequa Divorce Lawyer It’s no secret, being a divorce attorney is a job loaded with obstacles that need to be anticipated by expert professionals. Fortunately, your Massapequa divorce lawyer firm Simonetti & Associates are fully equipped to handle any challenges heade...
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high asset divorce long island

Examples of Fault in a Divorce – High Asset Divorce Long Island

Examples of Fault in a Divorce In the state of New York, there exists both fault-based divorce and no-fault based divorce. In the majority of cases, no-fault is usually a simpler process that requires much less court-time and dollars involved. Fortunately, New York became the last state to approve n...
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divorce lawyer in Huntington

Coping After Divorce – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

The After Effects of Divorce and How We Can Help: Divorce for many New York families can lead to a future of uncertainty and confusion. It is often the case that after a divorce, the divorcee experience a mountain of financial, psychological, and even physical issues. Here at Simonetti & Associa...
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High Asset Divorce and Financial Experts – Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a stressful time in the lives of both spouses.  Especially in the case of a high asset divorce, it can become even more tiresome to anguish over the allocation of each spouse’s assets. There is enough that a person must deal with when going through this difficul...
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