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Obtaining an Order of Protection – Divorce Lawyer in Westbury

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Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects many people.  If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, filing an order of protection might be what you need, and thankfully, Simonetti & Associates, the best divorce lawyers in Huntington NY are here to help. Obtaining an order of protection against your spouse or former spouse might be what you need when it comes to being able to move forward, both in your divorce and in your life.

If you are considering an order of protection, you should know first about the different types of restraining orders, to find out which one you might need.

  • No contact provision: prohibits the abuser from having any contact (calling, texting, disturbing) the victim
  • Peaceful contact provision: allows limited, peaceful communication, usually relating to childcare and transfers
  • Stay away provision: orders the defendant to stay a certain distance away from the victim
  • Move out provision: requires the defendant to move out, if living in the same residence as the victim
  • Firearms provision: forces the abuser to surrender any firearms they possess, as well as prohibiting their ability to purchase firearms
  • Counseling provision: orders the abuser to attend counseling, such as anger management or drug counseling

To obtain an order of protection against your former spouse, you must petition the court and attend a hearing without your spouse present. The judge will review your petition and decide whether or not a temporary order of protection take place. To extend the order, you must return to court, where the abuser will have the right to deny your claims in court. To protect yourself and your family, our divorce lawyers in Huntington, NY at Simonetti & Associates will be there to help you. We will stand by your side during your court hearings, and help you the order of protection that is right for you.