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If you are planning on getting married anytime soon, you should also be thinking about getting a prenuptial agreement (prenup for short). There are many reasons today why couples will go this route, due to the abundance of marriages that end in divorce. When prenuptial agreements are discussed, many people believe that it’s only for the rich or famous couples, this could not be further from the truth. At Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Huntington, we’ve been voted best divorce lawyer on Long Island for the past several years. 


What? A prenup? So, You Don’t you trust me?

The first thing both parties should note is that getting a prenup does not mean that your partner does not trust you. It means you are not letting your love cloud over your brain. Have you thought about where you will be 10 – 20 years from now? Do you still picture yourself with your partner still living happily and not fighting over money? A prenuptial agreement makes it clear what your financial role is, in the marriage – this will reduce any financial misunderstandings that might occur in the future reducing the chances of fights.

What is more romantic and beautiful than living your life with your partner without the worries of how you spend your money or how they spend theirs? Looking at it this way, prenuptial agreements increase the trust in each other’s love.

The Right Reasons Why You Might Consider a Prenup

  •    You will be bringing existing assets like home, investments, retirement account into the marriage
  •    You have an ownership interest in a business
  •    You are bringing in kids from a prior marriage
  •    Your intended brings a boatload of debt to the marriage
  •    You are expecting an inheritance
  •    You are more financially stable then your spouse
  •    You have dependent relatives
  •    You have a business with higher future earnings

However, everything all boils down to how you discuss things with your spouse. We have listed below these five tips to help you address a prenup without messing up the marriage before it even starts:

  1. Discuss it early – If you are thinking of a prenup, it is advisable that you bring it up early enough during your initial post-engagement talks. Doing this will make your partner feel more relaxed and know what they are settling for.
  2. Decide the terms together – Another great way to do this is to present a pre-drafted agreement to your partner and let them go through it. Or another best way to do this is to hire a Divorce Lawyer in Huntington, NY like Simonetti & Associates, so you’re both on equal footing. This will also be an opportunity to discuss what each of you expects from the marriage.
  3. Listen to your partner’s concerns – It’s no doubt that your partner will be curious and have some questions that might differ from or contradict your own, so listen to their perspective with an open mind. When this happens, look at compromise as an opportunity for improvement.

Though a prenup may seem unnecessary at the moment, its future benefits are definitely worth the trouble. Contact Simonetti & Associates, the divorce lawyer in Huntington today!

Divorce lawyer in Northport
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Divorce lawyer in Northport
Though a prenup may seem unnecessary at the moment, its future benefits are definitely worth the trouble. Contact Simonetti & Associates, to get started with your FREE consultation today.