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How Divorce Can Impact Credit – Divorce lawyer in Massapequa

Have you and your partner mutually decided it’s time to part ways, but are afraid of the impacts it may have on your credit? The physical act of divorce itself won’t damage your credit. There are other factors that could potentially affect it and lead to financial trouble. Our divorce lawyer in ...
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How to Conquer Divorce Anxiety

How to Conquer Divorce Anxiety Is your divorce causing you anxiety? Do you fear that your status as a divorce will affect your future relationships or dating life? Do you fear your divorce will affect your children? At Simonetti & Associates, our Huntington divorce lawyers understand that divor...
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The Difference Between a Divorce and an Annulment

Do you know the difference between a divorce and an annulment? If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage and have thought of terminating it, did you know that there are two legal ways to do so?  These legal options are either filing for a divorce or an annulment. One might think [&...
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Best Long Island Adoption Attorney

Are you considering adopting a child? Adoption is a great way to help orphaned children, especially for adults who would like to be parents yet can not have their own child. The ideal adoptive parent is someone who is patient, giving, and financially stable. The adoptive parent must also be able to ...
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