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Financial Advice for Women Seeking Divorce

Finance Advice for Women Seeking Divorce No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced, but in reality, divorce does happen often. Going through a divorce is difficult and preparing yourself for future arrangements can be stressful and tough. There are two factors during this process th...
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Grandparents Rights on Long Island

Do you live on Long Island and have questions regarding grandparent rights during a divorce? It is important to know some of the rights grandparents have regarding their grandchildren during this difficult time. Here at Simonetti & Associates, we can help you understand your rights and file a ca...
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Co-parenting with Your Ex

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your ex can be a challenge for anybody. Adding a child to the relationship as a third party can make that task all the more challenging, but all the more necessary at the same time. Getting a divorce does not mean that your child has to grow up feeling as [&he...
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Divorce does not have to break a family

Divorce often allows former partners in a dysfunctional couple to feel as though they can wipe the metaphorical slate clean and go their separate ways towards whatever happiness was lacking in the relationship. In situations such as these, which include only two parties, a minimal amount of communic...
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What is Conscious Uncoupling?

For all parties involved, divorce can be a very traumatic and difficult. When examining a divorce, it is clear in most cases that only time will heal the pain. There is now a new term that is more powerful and positive, called conscious uncoupling. It is known that approximately 50% of marriages end...
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