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What does Child Support Cover? – divorce lawyer in Massapequa

If you have recently gotten divorced and child support is now involved you might be wondering, what does child support cover? Child support is designed to help the main caregiving parent cover the costs of raising a child. This support can be used to pay for a wide variety of expenses that may become up. Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Massapequa, can help you understand what can and cannot be used for child support.

What does it cover:

Child support should be used to cover expenses that are related to the child and can range from basic needs to entertainment and extracurricular activities. Our divorce lawyer in Massapequa can help answer any questions you may have regarding child support payments.

    • Basic needs- This covers things such as food, water, clothing, and shelter. The child support payments can be used to pay the mortgage or rent costs, lighting and utility bills as well as proper fitting clothing and groceries.
    • Medical care– Child support can be used to pay for any medical expenses that may have occurred as well as the cost of insurance for the child.
    • Education– This cost is an important cost for the child and is not free even if the child attends a public school. In addition for paying to attend school, the child support can also be used for school uniforms, books, and supplies.
    • Childcare- If both parents are unable to care for the child because of work, child care is a necessity. Child support payments may be used to pay for a babysitter or daycare center for the child.
    • College expenses- Just because the child’s parents went through a divorce should not deny a child from a college education. Child support payments are allowed to be used to help pay for a child’s college education.
    • Travel costs- the ability to get from one place to another safely is important for a child. These travels costs may include train or bus passes or the costs of being able to maintain a car. In addition to this child support payments can be used to cover the costs of visiting the parent who does not have custody of the child.
    • Entertainment- the court system has ruled that a child is entitled to basic forms of entertainment, such as a computer or a tv or games to play. The child support payments can also be used for this as well as long as the child is one of the main users of whatever is bought.
  • Extracurricular activities-  this involves things like summer camps or sports or clubs. Many times these activities have a fee to join or an annual fee and you are allowed to use the child support payments to enroll the child in these activities.

At Simonetti & Associates, our divorce lawyer in Massapequa is here to help you understand what your child support can be used to pay for. Make sure to contact us today for an appointment.