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Who gets custody of our dog?- Divorce lawyer in Northport

Resolving who gets custody of the beloved family pet is one of the many aspects that accompany divorce. Despite the emotional attachment, pets are actually considered personal property under the law. If you are involved in a custody dispute involving your pet, contact Simonetti & Associates Law Firm. Simonetti & Associates has represented Long Island residents since 1990, focusing on the areas of divorce, and other family law matters. A well-known Huntington Divorce Lawyer will be able to assist you in reaching a resolution that serves the best interests of the pet involved.

Who gets custody?

When it comes to the decision of who should be awarded custody of the pet following a divorce, courts are beginning to realize that one’s relationship with a beloved pet is much different than one’s relationship with other forms of property. Ownership will be granted to the person who proves that they have continuously offered safety, love, and care for the animal concerned.

Creating your own terms for custody:

  1. Offer proof that you purchased or adopted the animal.
  2. Prove that you have been the primary caretaker of the pet.
  3. Show proof of veterinary bills, or receipts for food or grooming.

Every case involving a companion animal may be different. A Huntington Divorce Lawyer at Simonetti & Associates will provide you with more information regarding your pet and what steps are necessary in order to instill proper ownership of the animal.

What to do if you are involved in a pet custody battle?

If you happen to be involved in a custody battle regarding your pet, there are various solutions that may be met. Simonetti & Associates, a Huntington Divorce Lawyer may be able to offer you high-quality council as well as affordable rates.

When it comes time for a judge to hear both sides, it is best that you establish pet “ownership.” The more evidence you can bring to the table that proves you have been the primary caretaker for the pet, the better you will look in the eyes of the judge.

If you are involved in a pet custody dispute, a Divorce Lawyer in Huntington at Simonetti & Associates will be able to help. With over 70 years of combined experience, they can put their experience to work for you. If you require assistance, contact us in order to set up your free consultation.