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Does child support include college tuition? – Divorce Lawyer in Franklin Square

What Is Child Support?

Child Support is a form of payment that is frequently ordered when a set of parents are no longer living together. These payments are ordered in order to avoid the child becoming a ward of the state. Payment is typically made by the parent without full physical custody. In most cases, the child must be either related by genetics or adoption to request child support. A divorce lawyer in Massapequa at Simonetti and Associates can help you understand what child support is and how it can affect you.


How Is Child Support Allocated?

The system of dividing payments among cases is termed allocation. Child support is determined by looking at the number of children involved, the salary of each guardian, and each parents earning potential. There are cases where child support can be reduced due to the non-custodial parent spending a large amount of time with the child. This is due to the assumption that this parent is now providing increased financial support when the child is with him or her. If you have any questions on where support in your family would fall contact Simonetti & Associates a divorce lawyer in Massapequa for more information.


What Are The Uses Of Child Support?

Uses include:

    • Basic Necessities This includes the child’s needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.  
    • Medical Care/Uninsured Medical Expenses The guardian with greater employee benefits will typically carry the health insurance for the child. Child support can also be used to cover medical needs such as co-pays, surgical expenses, braces, and eyeglasses.
    • Transportation In order for your child to safely travel child support can be put towards the cost of maintaining a car, paying for gas, and insurance. Buses and other forms of public transportation for the child to travel between parents are included in this.
    • Entertainment Basic entertainment includes access to computers, television, and games. As the child gets older support can be used to finance their changing entertainment needs. Extracurricular activities such as summer camp and after-school sports also fall under this category.


Is College Tuition Included In Child Support?

Educational fees are typically included in child support. This includes school clothes, tuition, and textbooks. Many states believe that a child’s education should not be affected by the separation of the parents. Typically the noncustodial parents must contribute to the cost of college even if the child is past the age of 21 and has not graduated or is still a fulltime student. If your child’s needs change due to college, you may need to file for a modification of existing child support, if this applies to you we suggest contacting our divorce lawyer in Massapequa.


How Simonetti and Associates, A Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa can help you.

If you have any concerns about filing for child support or the current state of your child support a divorce lawyer in Massapequa at Simonetti & Associates can help you. We provide the necessary paperwork to initiate your case and guide you through the process. Our family lawyers will be there to advise you on the pros and cons of actions along the way. Contact a divorce lawyer in Massapequa today so we can come up with the best course of action to secure child support for your children.