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Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Syosset Father's Rights Attorney

Syosset Father’s Rights Attorney

The fathers’ rights movement is a movement whose members are primarily interested in issues related to family law, including child custody and child support that affect fathers and their children. Unfortunately, in the practical application of the law, courts often favor mothers in child custo...
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Divorce during the holidays

Is it holiday stress or time for divorce?

Tangled string lights, long shopping lines, and cold weather mean it’s the holidays! Stress is bound to be a factor and if you’re at your wit’s end with your spouse, that’s one stress you can actually control. Simonetti and Associates can help alleviate that stress by providing you with ...
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woodbury complex divorce

Complex Divorce Attorney in Woodbury, New York

A divorce becomes complex when the related issues require a third party to mediate. These factors can include monetary ones regarding taxes or marital assets. Non monetary issues such as drug abuse, adultery, or gambling can also make a divorce complex. If you live or work in the Woodbury, New York ...
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Long Island Family Attorney

Are you entitled to a child custody modification? – Divorce Lawyer in Seaford

Going through a divorce is hard, but going through child custody is harder. In most cases this is a major factor that parents face when going through a divorce or separation. It’s tough on the parents and children as well going through the changes. If you have recently settled with a court approve...
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Long Island Divorce Attorney

Were you expecting a divorce? Signs to look out for:

When thinking about how many people get divorced, most Americans believe it is about half. In the United States, researchers estimated that 40%–50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce. While we are aware of this likely to happen to many relationships, Divorce i...
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Garden City Same Sex Divorce Attorney

Same-Sex Divorce Attorney near Garden City

Are you in a same sex marriage ? Are you unhappy and want to get out of your marriage, but don’t know where to start? Simonetti and Associates, conveniently located near Garden City, New York are here to help! We have more than 28 years of experience. We have also been voted Best of Long […...
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Long Island Child Support Attorney

Enforcing Child Support Orders

Once a divorce agreement is consolidated child support is mandatory until the age of 21 in New York. Social services ensures that the highest earning parent contribute an amount that was agreed upon either in court or by a mediator. The issue with child support for most is not the system, but findin...
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Issues with Alimony on Long Island

Issues with Alimony

The origins of alimony stem from the old English doctrine of coverture, which demanded the husband provide financial support to his spouse even after separation. While times have changed and spousal support no longer is unilaterally applied to gender. Concurrently the spousal support laws require th...
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Long Island Father's Rights Attorney

Father’s Rights in Hauppauge

Going through with a divorce is an extremely hard decision to make, especially if you have children with your partner. Many men are under the misconception that they have little to no rights when it comes to the custody of their kids. In the past judges have favored the traditional family model, whe...
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Cold Spring Harbor Divorce Attorney

Long Island and New Jersey have slightly lower divorce rates, mostly attributed to the financial stability of the region, however divorce still happens. In Northeastern areas like Cold Spring Harbor,  there are less pressure to get hitched which allows people to hold off on marriage until they are ...
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