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Visitation for Grandparents in NY State – Divorce Lawyer in Hicksville

Divorce Lawyer in Hicksville Divorce can be messy, even for grandparents. This life-altering change can take a toll on the grandparent-grandchild relationship, especially when a parent interferes with the coexistence of this connection. If this is the case, you may want to contact our divorce lawyer...
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The Benefits Of Reaching Out To A Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

Hicksville Divorce Lawyer Married couples who are looking for a divorce lawyer will need someone to decide what legally belongs to each person after they separate. The divorce lawyer is responsible for making sure that nothing is withheld from each person that was available to them while they were j...
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divorce lawyer in Hicksville

What Happens To Pets During A Divorce? – Divorce Lawyer in Hicksville

Divorce Lawyer in Hicksville For some households, we treat our pets as though they’re actually our children. But unlink our children, divorce cases may not seem quite as cut and dry when determining who gets to keep the furry friends. A 2013 research study indicated that nearly 50% of marriages in...
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Millennials & Parenting – Huntington NY Divorce Lawyer

Millennials & Parenting Highly publicized in online media, the habits and activities of millennials have become a polarizing topic in this day and age. Straying away from the traditional conversations of texting and entitlement, this piece will analyze millennials who have ventured into the real...
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Adultery: Know The Facts – Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

Adultery: Know The Facts Few actions feel quite as heinous as the committing of adultery. Adultery is when a married individual engages in an affair with another person who is not their current spouse. The majority of victims will feel a sense of self-hate and loathing upon receiving news of the act...
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Putting An End To Domestic Violence – Divorce Lawyer on Long Island

Divorce Lawyer on Long Island Unfortunately, domestic violence cases have become all too frequent across the country. Feeling unsafe and intimidated should never be an aspect of an intimate relationship. Shockingly, an average of nearly 20 people is physically abused by a partner in their relationsh...
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Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

Circumstances Involving Child Custody – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

Divorce Lawyer in Huntington Dissecting all of the elements that come into play during a divorce case can almost feel as though they’re never-ending. Typically, the issue of child custody is seen as a tumultuous situation. Clearly, no parent wants to be apart from their child and this can lead to ...
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Massapequa Divorce Lawyer

What if my spouse is hiding assets in our divorce? – Massapequa Divorce Lawyer

Hiding assets during a divorce are something that occurs more frequently than people think. People may not want to report how much assets they actually have so that they do not have to give as much to their spouse during the divorce. If you think that your spouse may be hiding assets during your div...
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Huntington Divorce Lawyer

Circumstances that can make me lose my spousal support – Huntington divorce lawyer

If a couple has gotten a divorce the court can award spousal support or alimony to one of the people in the divorce. This is designed so that one person is not placed in unfair or difficult economic conditions. If you are receiving spousal support there are circumstances that can cause you to lose y...
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Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For me? – Hicksville divorce lawyer

Deciding whether a prenuptial agreement is the best option for you and your spouse can be a difficult process. There are many contributing factors that go into this decision and they needed to be thought out carefully before deciding. At Simonetti & Associates, a Hicksville divorce lawyer we can...
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